Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Running

Dare I say it, training is going OK.

Did hill repeats on Friday, I'm now up to 8. The last two were so hard that I felt like I hadn't done any training at all.

We did the snowshoe loop on Saturday. Talked to a few people in the parking lot before we ran. Several people from Minnesota are running Big Horn next weekend. Good luck and hope you enjoy the day !

Did a long run on Sunday, about 4 hours. Had to do a little bird watching, too. Time on the feet is important. Talked to the park manager a little. Two trails are closed due to excessive erosion. It has to be a hard job, to balance the needs of the various interest groups (horses and their riders, runners, hikers, birders, campers, etc.) with the available resources.

The Afton 25/50K is next month. The race organizers are working on a new course to accommodate the trail closures.

Did exercise class on Monday AND Boot Camp. My legs were tired.