Friday, July 2, 2010

Afton Trail Run tomorrow

Stopped at Afton SP this afternoon. Lots of activity, they are getting ready for the race tomorrow and so am I.  Alicia was there with her new car - nice ! We brought race stuff in to the Visitors Center. There were probably a dozen people running around, getting things organized for the aid stations, packet pick up and any number of other pre-race activities.

Me? I'm tapering, taking today off. Just walking up the hills over at Carpenter Nature Center was a little tiring.  Why would I be tired? Maybe, it is because of all the cross training we've been doing?

Heard the Henslow's sparrows from the parking lot. There was another person birding (I could tell from the expensive binoculars) so we talked. He heard more than I did and he actually saw one.

Tom from CNC asked if he could still register for the race tomorrow. I think I surprised him when I said yes.

It should be fun tomorrow. I recognized several of the volunteers. Not sure how many of them are running tomorrow. The one place I saw the course, it had a distinctive course marking.  I know they had to change the course because of trail closings. No one "should" get lost.