Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Running

Ran with Loren for over 2 hours on Saturday at Afton. Also did an hour or so on Sunday.  It is an "or so" because I took the binoculars to watch birds and be bitten by mosquitoes.

Here is a photo of a flower blooming along the snowshoe trail. It's about shoulder height for me with little blue flowers surrounding the stem.
Blue Vervain

There was a bird (or 12) that I didn't immediately recognize, even with binoculars. They looked somewhat like big, yellowish sparrows with a dark line behind the eye and a yellow stripe on the very top of the head. When I got back to the car I looked them up, They were Bobolinks ! I had not seen one all summer. They were on their way to South America for the winter. According to National Geographic, they will spend the winter in and around Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. By the time they get back here next spring, it will be a round trip of over 12,000 miles!