Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nature Center

Have you tried those single serve ice cream from Kemps? They were on sale recently and I bought a couple flavors to try. Then I looked at the calories - 300 !  Today I saw Rainbow had some single serve frozen yogurt with fruit toppings, 10 for $10. The calories are list as 160 - much better. Not as good as fruit or carrots, but better than 300.

Ran with "the girls" at Hyland this morning. Warm, but all of us kept saying, "not as bad as yesterday".

A turkey greeted us at the end of the run near the Richardson Nature Center.

Stopped by Carpenter Nature Center on Monday. It is so beautiful out there. The peonies are gorgeous right now. And they smell wonderful.
Saw an Indigo Bunting by the pond. And there are these cute little tadpoles swimming in the lower pond. Double click on the photo to see a closer view.
Or here is zoomed in photo. If you look really close, you can see their tails.