Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running Lake Calhoun

Great day running around Lake Calhoun. The sun was out, the skies were clear. Ran with some friends so we did one loop. It was really good to see people out enjoying the day.

Two surprises, orioles were singing from the trees AND the water was so clear I could see fish in several places. My best guess: sunfish, carp and trout - long and narrow with a rounded tail? Can I really be in the heart of a big city?

Gloria organized the "puppy shower" at lunch for Kathy and her new companion dog Claire. Claire is so good and very, very cute. Kathy gave a quick demonstration of Claires ability to help her. It seems to be love at first sight - for both of them.

Kathy also shared that she will be on TV on Thursday, some morning program (about 10:40) and then WCCO news at noon. They are promoting a 5K run to raise money for the helper dog organization that is this weekend. More info at Helping Paws