Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hill Repeats

Why run hill repeats?
  • Dave and Luther used to run repeats at Afton, up and down the long gravel road. They finished Leadville and other mountainous ultra runs.
  • Nigel used to run up and down the hill on the north end, up from the river, past the overlook to the prairie. He finished Hardrock several times.
  • The year of several PR's for me was the year I ran the most hill repeats. 
This years training will include repeats. My legs were still tired so I did two - a good start.

Before we left, we stopped to watch the birds. There were two Harriers hunting in the grassy field. Our real goal was Woodcocks so we went over to a likely Woodcock area. No woodcocks but 40+ Robins and 50+ Juncos. The Meadowlarks and and one Phoebe were singing. Another great evening.