Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wood ducks are back

The backyard is busy today. Slate-colored Juncos calling, Wood Ducks searching for a nesting place, squirrels fighting over space, Eastern Phoebes calling as they fly through, a White-throated Sparrow scratching for food, American Robins calling and finding breakfast, Red-wing Blackbirds chasing an American Crow, Blue Jays looking for an easy breakfast, a Downy Woodpecker drumming on a dead tree.

Question: Why do we try to photograph birds?  And I use the word "try" because the subjects always seem to move away from the camera / photographer?  This morning, I heard a phoebe, a first of the year yard bird for me. When I finally found the songster it actually was a flock of 4 phoebes. By the time I got the camera and binoculars, they were gone. Now all I have is memories. Sometimes memories are the best photographs.