Monday, April 26, 2010

Red-shouldered Hawk

The hawk was hanging around the back yard this morning, flying from tree to tree. I guess that it was hunting. The squirrels were continuing to feed on the deck, essentially ignoring the hawk that is a few trees away.

Fun photo this morning:

Just in case you can't tell, my crabapple tree is in full bloom and I'm using that to frame the female Wood Duck peering out the nest box.

Did a challenging cross-training workout at the club this morning.

Back home, a Pileated Woodpecker flew in and called. By the time I got the camera, it flew away.

We have White-throated Sparrows as neighbors. There are at least 4 hanging around the yard and at least one keeps flying in and out of the brush pile. They will fly if I get too close, like within feet of them, and then they just fly a short distance. Maybe they are nesting in the brush pile?  Cornell's web site says they typically nest on the ground.

Just when I thought the other birds were fun, I counted 5 baby ducks on the pond! I could not see the parents but heard Mallards softly calling all the while.